Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Lord Knows

This week was a good week for us here in Barranca!!

It started with going into Lima for a Leadership Training, and Man was that bus terrible.  hahaha I thought I was going to throw up and then die.  hahah but we made it!

This week here in Peru was the elections for president and man was it crazy.  There were so many people in the street, people marching and billboards everywhere.  Sunday we didn´t even have church, because by law here no one can have an organized meeting the day of elections.  so It was just like a normal day for us.  

This Sautrday we should have 2 baptisms and so lets pray for that!! We are pretty excited for that!!   

This week one spiritual experience I had was one morning, we had been looking to find one of our investigators for a couple days because we weren´t able to find him.  
He had told us that he was going out of town Saturday to vote up north.  Well, we decided to pray and plan to find him before he left.  We planned to go his house at 645 the next morning to find him before he left.  We ran up there to his house, but felt to go a different path. On that path going to his house we found him there heading out!! It was a complete miracle that the Lord had put him there in our path at that time. If we had gotten a couple minutes late he was gone, earlier he wasn´t there and the normal pathway wouldn´t have found him.  But the Lord knows how to put him in our path and we were able to find him!! 

Funny part this week is that I received two packages with christmas presents wrapped in them. hahahaha they got here!! a little damaged but they got here!!! haha thanks for everything.  I appreciate that.  I will be sending the package for the Peralta family here out to Lima so that they can get it.  

Other fun news.  I was able to see Elder Huanca this week for mission leadership council.   The Ward San Diego my last week before I left there got divided!! i don´t know if I told you that.  I was super happy to be there when it got divided!! we worked hard to get it divided.  But then with it being divided.  New leaders had to be called. With 3 months of being members Sister Peralta was called as young womens President.  And Joe Peralta was called as ward Secretary.  How crazy is that!! after 3 months of being member!! I felt like the proudest man alive.  haha But I really was super happy to hear that.   

Thanks for all that you are doing.  Love you all!!
Elder Harrop 

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