Sunday, September 25, 2016

Power of the Sacrament

April 11, 2016
Hello family,

This week was another good week for us!! 

This week was the baptism of Stip!!! so of course it was a good week. This was a complete miracle.  We have been working so hard.  We´ve worked like crazy and we had people that came right up to their baptism progressing really well and then out of nowhere something crazy happens and it falls through.  This general conference that we had we prayed and fasted that someone would come on there own apart from the other investigators we were going to bring.  We got to Saturday and nothing.  
Sunday morning one of our District Leaders pulled me aside and said hey that man right there lives in your area said he was coming to church with the old Elders but never got baptized.  You should go talk to him.  I went over and he was going to church with the old Elders but never got baptized.  Showed up because he was going through a couple of problems and felt that he should go to church again.  It was a complete miracle.  He will be a great help to the ward and I´m so grateful that the Lord was merciful to us blessing us with this miracle.  

But theres still a lot more to do.!!   A lot more.  

These past 2 weeks we haven´t had the sacrament because of General Conference and there were presidential elections.  Before I had never really paid much attention to the difference of the week when we take the Sacrament and when we don't.  But trust me this week I felt it.  I never realized how much power the Sacrament has.  The protection it provides us and the effect that it has in our lives.  I am so grateful that we have the Sacrament and the opportunity to take it every week.  I´m so grateful.  It is something that never again I will take for granted.  Never again.  

This week there were transfers.  I´m staying in Barranca!!! Unfortunately Elder Cedeño is leaving.... but going to San Diego!! my old area!!! hahah   He really was a great companion.  I learned a lot from him.  He is a great missionary and is really great at recognizing every miracle that happens., really knows and loves the spirit.  

My new companion.  Do you guys remember when we went to the airport to drop me off and the first kid we ran into?? He was a blonde kid  and I walked through the gates with him.  Elder Budge.  He is my new companion!!!! I´m so so so so so so excited!!! Who would have thought we would be companions!!!! i´m super stoked.  Should be a lot of fun!! 

Love you all thank you for everything.!!!

Mom don´t send another package.  please.  I´m fine here. Use the money on something different. Go out to dinner and take a picture and there it is.  Please.

Elder Harrop 

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