Sunday, September 25, 2016

Grateful for the Priviledge

Temple here in Lima!!!!   Just a heads up I think they are going to put it in Ancon, Miramar, Peru.  Where I started the Mission.  Just keep an eye out for it.
This week was really great with Conference.  I learned a ton from this conference. A ton.  I always did take for granted the blessing of Prophets today to guide us before the mission.  But never again will I do that.  I know they are men inspired of God.  

This week one experience I had.  

We had one man who had a baptism scheduled for the 16 of this month.  this last week it all fell through.  I was a frustrated.  I feel that now more than ever We are doing the work well and I have become the best missionary that I have been my whole mission.  but the things just keep falling through.  We fasted.  I have praying for a miracle this day.  And the The Lord gave it to us.  Sunday for the conference we arrived and there was a  man there we talked with him.  He told us.  The elders were visiting me Just a couple months ago.  I never got baptized but I was preparing.  I ended up moving but now I have moved back and I want to join.  It was a complete miracle.  I feel absolutely so grateful to have  an all powerful, merciful, incredible father in Heaven. He blessed us.  He is preparing to be baptized the 16 of this month.  I know the Lord knows us and blesses us as long as we do all we can that it is in our power.  This part of the World is so prepared and the Lord is especially aware of the work that is going on here.  I am so so so grateful for the privilege that I have.  

I love you all.  thank you. You are all my heroes.  In this conference I felt that more than ever I should thank my family.  

A year ago in conference there were a lot of talks about marriage and family.  one year later we have seen the increase of the attack on marriages and family.  divorce.  all of it.  The prophets already knew.  they talked a lot about that also this conference.  And I couldn´t but help but think how grateful I am for the family that I have.  I don´t have those worries.  Because I have a family who lives the Gospel.  Loves it.  and lives of the protection of the Gospel.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I love you all.  

Your very grateful son, 

Elder Harrop 

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