Sunday, September 25, 2016

Can You Imagine Life Without a Restoration?

May 2, 2016
This week was a week to remember.  I have had some pretty funny experiences this week.  

It started with one way that we tried just kinda for the heck of it because they had told us that it worked with a couple other companionships was to sing hymns to the people that we met to find more.  So we said what the heck why not.  
Well Neither of us have musical talent we found out, and it turned out to be more of trying not to laugh as we attempted to sing hymns to the people.  But the people were nice enough to tell us we were good singers.  But we were terrible.  it doesn´t work with two gringos we found out.  

The second.  We contacted a family in the street.  They had a baby that was born about 1 week prior.  they were going to the hospital to take out his birth certificate. and they told us "hey we still haven´t named him. Do you guys have a name we can give him?"   You can only imagine the thoughts that came into our heads.  Well it was obviously the spirit that inspired us becuase we both immediately looked at eachother took out a card and wrote "Caleb Joshua"  Our first names. we gave it to him and he looked at and said "hey I like this Showed it to his wife and then looked at us "Yeah thank you, that is what we are going to name him!" so there is now a baby named after us here in Barranca.  one day I will meet him.  

The next one was just to top off the week.  we were walking down the street one day. and here they have these little moto taxis. they are like little go carts that they use as transport.  i´m sure you saw them, but here there are a ton of them.  So we were talking and I was looking at Elder Budge when all the sudden I got slammed by something. and surely enough it was one of the moto taxis.  Now mom don´t freak out I don´t need you calling President complaining becuase really no damage was done at all. I think actually the moto taxi had more damage done to it than I did becuase I literally just kept on walking while his door of moto got wrecked.  But now I can officially say that I got hit by a peruvian moto.!! 
again. Nothing bad happened I am completely fine nothing even happened to me but i´m glad it happened because it was a pretty funny story.  

Now a spritual experience this week was, we were teaching  a family this week and we were able to teach the restoration.  when we shared the first vision it was something super super spiritual.  it was just complete silence everyone just struck and the spirit was so powerful in that moment.  The restoration is real I know it.  It is the greatest blessing we have today.  Can you imagine a life without the Restoration??? it would be terrible!! But i¨m so glad that we have it.  

I will be calling about 330 peruvian time on sunday so just be ready! 

Your Son Elder Harrop.

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