Sunday, April 3, 2016

There are miracles that are happening everyday.

March 28, 2016

Well I realized a couple weeks ago that my letters weren´t very good.  Actually I realized that a while back but a couple weeks ago that I need to change that so that I can share these experiences with you all.  They happen everyday.  But sometimes you don´t realize it or I just didn´t share it.  But I decided now I am going to be sharing at least one every week.

This week one day I was on a division with a member.  We were going to contact a couple references that he had given us.  We were walking and I was looking at the list and the name came to my head to go to family that is less active.  So I told the member and he said yeah lets go.  We went by and the father was really sick. He was studying for a couple examines and didn´t feel to good.  He asked for a blessing.  I gave him the blessing and something really interesting happened. He felt frustrated with himself that he hadn´t been fulfilling with going to church and he bowed his head as if he was praying.  I thought he was praying.  Passed about 15 seconds and he kept at it.  I then knew and felt something was wrong.  I went up to him and shook his hand calling him and he didn´t answer me. I did it again. then after a couple seconds more it was like as if he woke up.  He looked at me and said who are you?? he had completely forgot his memory.  He kept asking where am I?? who are you guys?  The member went and called his wife who was upstairs and she came down and they called the ambulance and he didn´t recogize his wife.  or his children. The ambulanca came and everything and they helped him and he within a little regained his memory and everything was fine.

This bothered me throughout the day because I was confused.  Shouldn´t the blessing help him? That night a prayed a lot asking what? and why? and it was interesting because the words from the blessing that I gave him came to my head " this will be  a sign to you that the Lord wants you to renew your covenants, and that The Lord wants you to know that you will after be alright and that you nor your family should worry."  Talking in the future tense.  He knew it was going to happen. It was all for a purpose. I knew he would be alright.
Then the member and the family after talking with them asked me. "how did you know to come here?? imagine if you hadn´t come and this had happened while he was here alone??.

There are miracles that are happening everyday. It builds my faith everyday.   Its such a great work. and I'm so privileged to be a missionary in it.  I love it.  I love you all. Thank you for all.

Elder Harrop

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