Sunday, April 3, 2016

Serving the descendants of Lehi

March 14 2016,

Well sorry for not sending anything last week.  The internet went out... but I´m glad they emailed you to let you know.
Well this week started out crazy.  We had to travel out to Lima Monday afternoon for mission council.  We took the travel bus out there and it was really cool!! I was able to see another route getting there and it really is such a cool land.  The area here isn´t jungle but like farms.  Farms with all types of plants.
Then Tuesday we had the mission council with President. We learned a lot about the Book of Mormon.  I feel so privileged to be serving in the part of the world.   I get to serve the descendants of Lehi here.  they literally come from these people from the Book of Mormon.  Every time I teach the Book of Mormon I can tell them who they really are.  How God feels about them and the immense love that he has for this people through the Book of Mormon.  Think about it.  I couldn´t do that in Europe.  Even up in the northern americas.  But here in Peru I can teach them who they really are, only because of the Book of Mormon.!!
Then Tuesday night we left Lima about 8 at night.  Needless to say we didn´t get back to Barranca until early the next morning....

We should be having a baptism this week!!! It should be good and I´m super excited for it.

Today we went to the beach and played frisbee and soccer and everything as a district.  We went to a huge Christ statue.  This statue is giant.  HUGE but it was really cool!!

And I even took pictures.  Finally.

I love you guys a lot and I hope all is well.

Elder Harrop

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