Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's green!

February 29, 2016

Well here it is from Barranca!!!! It's so cool out here.  Its the first time I´ve gone out of Lima and so it was different but it was really cool.  It started early Tuesday morning when I took a bus for 5 hours out to Barranca.  We went by the ocean and saw all that beautiful scenery, then coming out of Lima I saw green for the first time in a year and a half.  I´m not even kidding.  Its green!!! I couldn´t believe it!!! It's a super cool place!

My area is like one of the central areas of Barranca and its like a little city with malls and street stores, but then you go out a little bit and it farms and poorer places so you have a little of it all!!

My companion is from Ecuador.  Elder Cedeño.  He's a funny guy.  Hes about 5 foot 5 120 lbs but just full of energy and so he makes me laugh a lot.

This week was weird because the other areas that I've been transferred into I´ve had to open them up.  So we both always had to learn the area together but now Elder Cedeño has already been here one transfer and so its a different feel.  Not as stressful as before when you already have a head start!!

We have got some good people progressing for baptisms this month and so I hope to be sending a lot of pictures!!

Hope to hear from you all soon I love you guys and hope all is well over there!!!

Elder Harrop

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