Sunday, February 7, 2016

One of the reasons the Lord put me here

January 25, 2016

Well another week has come and gone way too fast.........

Well its all going really well here!!! its been really funny to work here because there are actually a lot of people that speak more or less english and so its fun to teach them I think thats one of the reasons the Lord put me here because it gave us something different to start off on.!!

We have another family we are teaching that the father is an english teacher and is super funny so hopefully that all works all well!!

We have other people we are teaching that are progressing really well!!  I really admire the things that people go through here... there are some really rough things but its so cool to see how they just take it all on!!

Today we went and had our Pday as a zone and played volleyball and soccer on a turf field.  It was really fun and everyone got a little burnt. haha even the latinos get burned.  something i didn´t know before....

Thank you for all of the support I love you guys a lot  And we should be having a baptism this week and so be expecting a photo this week!!! love you all!!

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