Sunday, February 7, 2016

Attributes of Christ

Feb 1, 2016

Well I don´t have too much time  but Marta got baptized!!!

She has a defect from birth where she has a hard time walking.  We had to baptize her , the both of us one on each side,  talk about unity!!
But it all went really well and she was able to give a powerful testimony after.

I was talking with her one day and she said she came to know this was the truth because it was the first church that made it possible for her to attend.  The other churches never went out of their way to look for her, pick her up, and bring her to church because she's not able to walk.  But she saw that attribute of Christ and knew this was the truth.

Unfortunately I don't have the pic..... but this next week!!

On goes the work here!!! and here goes to even more!!!

Love you!!

Elder Harrop

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