Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mission Birthday

December 7, 2015

Well this week came and went!

It all went really well!! we had mission council then we had our zone training friday morning and it all went really well!!

Friday was fun it wasn`t anything big which was good because there was a lot to get done but we have some good members here that were nice enough to buy me  cake! Our penscion bought a cake and made steak and french fries for lunch and so I enjoyed it a lot!! haha
Then that night we had a missionary meeting with the missionaries from the ward and the ward mission leader.  (there are now 8 missionaries in the ward alone here)  but they all ended up buying a cake also so we ended up with like 3 more cakes at that meeting. haha  but it all went super well!!
Thank you all for the letters I really appreciate it.!!

My ponderizing this week

Ether 12 27
Its a really known scripture but its a really good one.  i`m learning a lot from this scripture about myself.

I hope it all went really well over there and that you all have a great week!
 Love you all!!

Elder Harrop

Fun fact.  One of our new District Leaders here in the zone  is in the same ward as lance and Gina.
Elder Riley Olsen.
Ill try and send a pic next week.

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