Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas pig

December 28, 2015

Well it was good to talk to you guys on Friday!!!
I hope you guys enjoyed it too!!  My comp has only talked about how cool you guys, I tell him I don´t know what hes talking about but.. just kidding I tell him I know I have a great family and so I´m so very grateful for all of you!! My comp wanted to keep on talking he didn´t say a word about ending it and so don´t worry about that.
It was a fun week!! to see everything with Christmas and all.  One of the traditions here is that for Christmas they all light off fireworks at midnight and so we went out and were able to watch the fireworks and there were a ton!! There is no such thing as an illegal firework here and so there were kids of like 12 years old just lighting off huge fireworks in the park in front of our house!! I have a video we´ll see if it loads or not but it was really fun!!

We were able to eat with the Peralta family and they gave us a pig....like I said literally a pig with the teeth and nose and everything! It was awesome!! and of course because hes American he threw in applesauce.  First time in over a year!!

Well I hope you all had fun!! love you guys and talk to you soon!

Elder Harrop

Peralta Family doing baptisms for the dead!

Christmas with President and his family

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