Monday, November 30, 2015

Well we had a baptism this week and so all went well for the most part!!!!
I can easily say that it was one of the craziest weeks of my life and definitely of my mission.

We had planned to move out of our apartment this week when Monday we got a notice that the new land lord canceled on us.  And so we had to go out like crazy looking for a new apartment. Then we got a call from Sister Archibald (wife of Mission Pres.)  saying that there will be a new area opening up in the zone and that we had to go out and look for a new room for them!!
Tuesday we spent the whole day basically doing Baptism interviews.
Wednesday district meeting and everything
Thursday we went out to go look for another room out in the new area they were going to open up.  Found one.  Got it all figured out.  The next day they brought all the desks and beds and stuff to put it into the apartment and the lady came out and told us no.  They backed out on the room.  So then we had to go put all of the stuff in another room of Elders out there then go again looking!! Also had lunch with the Peralta Family!!! They are going to be baptized the 19th.  It literally was an American Thanksgiving.  I'm dead serious.  I about cried.  Then that night we went to the bishop who also lived in the States for a couple years where he also prepared an American Thanksgiving.  It was awesome I'll be honest. haha
Friday we ended up trying to move all of our stuff out of our room and we quickly figured out actually how much stuff we had.  We ended up lowering a dresser taller than I am out the window of the third floor with only a rope wrapped around it.  hahah it was quite impressive.
Then Saturday the baptism!!!! His name is Aramando.  He's an older feller but he's the funniest guy you'll ever meet.  Always has a joke and has gone through a lot and just kept saying,  "I just have to get to my baptism"  He got baptized and in his testimony said " I¨m just happy.  Just happy."  It was a testimony builder for me.

Today we had to finish moving out in the morning and we finish it all tonight!!!
Crazy week but its been really fun.

Also received good news this week.

I¨m staying in San Diego for Christmas!!!!!! I was so so so so so happy.  I love this area.  I´m sooooo happy I´m staying here.  You have no idea.

Well love you guys!!!

I told you this letter would be better this week.  Sorry mom.....

Elder Harrop

The highest point in our zone

Familia Peralta and our Thanksgiving! 

Baptism of Armando

One of our district leaders who got transferred today! 

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