Sunday, November 22, 2015

Monday Night Football!

What a week.....

Well first off the plus side of being in a wealthier area is that it gets more american.  in some aspects but it still stays peruvian.
Last monday we taught a family who for some time lived inthe states.  They are huge football fans because of it.!! In fact He called us and asked us '' hey you guys are from the states.  you like monday night football.  I watch monday night football every week.  wanna come and watch it with me??'' I was in shock.  We of course told him no we can´t but that we can share a message of Christ instead.  haha The guy for his kids birthday bought a cake in the shape of Soldier Field.  And today bought Peanut Butter for a our appointment tonight.  you have to take advantages of chances like this.  also funny story.  one time on ESPN they were going over the hoe many people were watching around the world Monday Night Football. So they did the numbers from the states Brazil Mexico all that got to Peru.  And there was one Person in Peru who was watching Monday night Football.  And it was him!!!!!!!!!!!  it made me laugh really hard.
Then the bishop here also lived in the states for a little bit.  Speaks perfect english.  One night we had a family home evening with him.  And Ate pizza and mountain Dew.  How bout that for an american week???

But the Conference was great!!!!!!!!  The conferences in the mission have a special meaning i think.  YOur able to learn a lot.  What I have learned more than anything is from the words that Were NOT said in the conference.  One training with Elder Bednar he talked about The small plates.  how when we take notes we write the large plates.  Writing as fast as we possibly can everything we can.  but most important.  is the words that were not said by the speaker.  that should go on the small plates that we have.    And those are of more importance to our lives and learning.

I especially liked the invitation to get down on your knees and ask.  What do I need to do better?? what is keeping me from progressing?? what do I need to change??? needless to say.  I have realized a lot of things I need to change but this helps me to see in this moment right now.  little by little.  Bite after bite.  what do i need to change??

Theres a lot of other notes I have.  but really they are my notes!! you have your own notes!!

Love you guys so much.
Crazy how it will be a year this week right??   time flies..... and it wil only go by faster...  hope all is well.  keep ponderizing this week and every week after.  we have received some great instruction from great men!!

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