Sunday, November 22, 2015


Well another week comes and goes.
Everything is going well here.  Things are looking up.  Right now we are working with several people but theres one family I will tell you about.  The family Peralta.  It's the family that lived in the States and was the only ones in Peru that were watching american football that day if you remember I told you about that.
They have become one of the greatest blessings for us.  I love them so much.  We have the greatest experiences with them because they are just so excited to live the gospel.  They have a wedding date this next month.  They then have a baptismal date.  They have dropped everything behind so that they can be baptized.  Coffee work everything.  They are awesome.
You guys were asking something for Christmas.  If you're going to send something send this.  And It better be the only thing you send.  3 Green Bay Packer Ties.  They love the packers.  And he wants a packers tie so bad.  If your going to send something.  Send ONLY three green bay packers ties.

Everything is good over here.  They don´t have thanksgiving here but I'll make sure to eat a lot of chicken and rice here!! hahah
Today we had the zone pday and we made skits about bible stories.  It was pretty funny.  We had one group do Cain and Abel and Cain killed Abel with a nerf gun Gangster Style.  I laughed pretty hard.

my ponderizing this week

2 Nefi 25:23 y 26
Hope all goes well !!! love you all!!

Elder Harrop Elder Huanca Hermana Mcdonald. 

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