Monday, October 5, 2015

Coming together and becoming something great!

Well the weeks just keep flying by its crazy!!! 

The pictures from Homecoming look good!!!   Its so crazy to me that all this is happening..... But everyone looks good and i´m sure they all had a good time. I think I still win with the date getting knocked out instead of the fat lip, and so it looks like Jordan is going to have to step up his game jsut a littel bit.....  

This week went by super fast.  We had good things happen and some other things that we are still adjusting too.  But overall as a zone we are doing really well!!! We met the goal for Baptisms this month and so we are doing well!!!! we are all super excited for the next month too.  
We have some very very good missionaries here and its awesome to be able to work with them!! We are super young too.  and so it wil be so fun to see how the missionaries really come together and become something great!!! 

I apologize for the lack of pictures but today im sending some.  This is the family of Maguin. I worked with them a lot.  They are some of the best members I have ever met in my life.  There were days where he stayed up working for 24 hours and still called us wanting to go out and work.  

Well we have General Conference this week and so illbe waiting to here all about your thoughts!! enjoy the steak dinner i´m sure we will get a good lunch as well here.  Love you guys!! 

This is the son of the penscion we had 

This is Anival the father of the family Ingaroca 

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