Monday, September 21, 2015

Opportunities in the Mission

Well this week we had one baptism fall through which was pretty disappointing... But we are going to work this week so she will be able to be baptized this week.

This week we had a training with Elder Bednar!!!!
He came here and so there were three missions that went and had a training with Elder Bednar.  He based it off of talks he has given in the past
Learning by Faith
Ask in Faith

It was really interesting how he described everything and I learned a lot.  I admire a lot his way of asking inspired questions.  The questions he asks after listening to the person allows them to express their own testimony without even realizing it, whether they knew it was true before or not.

I've learned a lot from the chances that I've had here and in the MTC to listen to Apostles.  They really are really funny guys with very normal personalities, but with very strong faith and abilities to serve with great capacity.
I feel so very blessed to have had these opportunities here in the mission its a very great blessing that I have had.

Well I have pictures I could send but its not uploading too well and so this next week ill send them.  I have a lot more to add to "animal planet Peru"

I hope everything went well with school this week and that you all enjoy it!! Love you all!!

Elder Harrop

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