Monday, September 21, 2015

A Place I will Always Remember

Well this was quite a week.  We had a lot of things happen and it just happened that the baptism fell through again......  There really wasn`t much we as missionaries could have done about it but needless to say there was probably a lot of things in weeks past we could have done to prevent this.  But it's alright it will all work out.
The big news for this week..........  Well this last week we finished the last week of this transfer.  And they called me today telling me that I`m getting transferred.......  I was so so so so so so so so set that we were going to stay one more here.  But no......  Tomorrow I will find out where I go but no matter where I go I know that it will be where I should be.
This week we were going to have the baptism of Domitila y Elena.  Unfortunately I won`t be here for it but I know that they are in the good hands of Elder Castro.

I really will miss this area.  Pachacutec will always be a place that I remember.  Never in my life have I met people so nice. People so prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel.  It has been a great privilege to be here and it will be really missed.  I wish I could stay here for the rest of my mission.  That would be my dream.  The members so willing to work.  I hope that you all can be like the members here to help the missionaries there like they have helped me here.  I hope you all do everything you can to be a part of the work there.  I hope that when I get back that I can be like the members from here.   The people the missionaries that are teaching there.  I hope that you all are the first people to meet them.  The first people to pick them up.  The first people to call them.  That when the missionaries think of a family they can trust they think of the Harrops.  A true indicator of your own personal conversion is your desire to share it with others.

I love you all.  Thank you for everything.  It makes me really happy that you are making great use of the weekends and the trailer.  that makes me really happy!! I love you all and wish you the best!!

Elder Harrop

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