Sunday, August 30, 2015

Well this week the work continued!!
The 28 of Julio was fun! For us it was like a normal day but better because everyone was in their house instead of working so it worked out really well for us! 
There were people that went and did parades in the streets and cooked out on the streets and it was cool to see.  We didn`t see a whole lot because where i`m at its pretty out on its own and so most of the people went into Lima to do stuff and watch more but it was all really cool!! 
We painted the Peruvian flag on our face for a little bit to visit our converts but I thought we should probably take it off to visit investigators because I felt like a high school kid or young single adult instead of a missionary but it was fun to visit our converts like that.  
I really like hearing about all of the things you guys do during the week it makes me laugh to hear all your stories.  I`m really glad you are enjoying the summer and I hope you all enjoy the trip to Yellowstone!! I wore my Yellowstone Bear socks today so ill be there with you in spirit you could say.!!   Make sure to have a good time and to catch some fish and show mom all the good things to do up there!! i`d say I wish I could be up there with you guys but really I don`t.  (don`t take that the wrong way mother)  I`m more happy here in this part of the world for the time being!! 

I really don`t know what else to tell you guys.... Everything else was pretty normal.  Things keep improving but we can see there is a lot more to do here and so it excites us to see that there is still a lot more to do!! 
Love you guys!! 

I destroyed this crab! 

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