Sunday, August 30, 2015

The most sacred day....

Well this week we are going to have the baptism of Maria!!! I'm super excited because this month should be a really good month for us! We just have to keep working to make sure everything goes through!!   She has a really sad story really I won`t share what exactly has happened but lets just now she is a single mother of 2 young kids recently and has 2 other kids who are not living with her right now but she continues to be happy. We found her through our recent convert Graciela so its so cool to see how the work always flourishes, how people that are recently baptized want to share the gospel and be part of the work. They really are the greatest blessing for us and help us so much.  I hope that the missionaries there can say the same about you guys.  I'm sure they do but really it is such a privilege to be a part of this work and I hope you can all participate from the great joy that we feel by being missionaries there!!!

This week we had Stake Conference here and Elder Uceda came down to speak and it was really good!! He talked really strongly about the Sabbath day and how sacred this day really is.  It is the most sacred day we have and I hope we all strive to keep this day sacred and honored.

I hope you all had a good time in yellowstone and Grandpa looks real good in a yankees hat!!! Thank you also for the package.  Even though I told you not to send more packages but thank you for that. Now I mean this when I say it.  I love you guys but please don`t send more packages.  It costs so much to do it and you already spend enough money on me.  Go out to dinner buy a new tent trailer I don`t know but use the money for you guys!! I`m living the life down here so don't worry about me!!

I love you!!!

Elder Harrop

This week I am going to show you the zoo in my area!

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