Sunday, August 30, 2015

The baptism of the Ingaroca family!! It all went super well and it was way cool to see it all come together.  Anibal (the father) you can tell is a natural born leader and will help our branch a ton which makes me more excited than anything.
The story with them is really funny actually.  Graciela our recent convert presented us to them.  Sunday in the morning Carmen (the mother) got up and tried to get Anibal and Gabriel (the son) out of bed but they didn`t want to.  So she told them that they were going to make breakfast and serve it there in the church and so if they wanted to eat they had to go.
Well they got up out of bed and got ready and we passed by and went with them to church!! So it got to the Sacrament and they passed the bread and water and then after Carmen told them.  "here`s your breakfast"  hahahahahah when they told me that after I died.  She really knows how to use food to her advantage.
Anival at first rejected baptism for about a week, said no, but said he would read The Book of Mormon. So he read and came to church the following week but said no again to baptism but wanted to keep reading and going to church because he liked it.  That week we taught the Plan of Salvation and expecting to be a little hesitant still he instead said "yes I want to be baptized" and they went on progressing super fast after!!
At one point Jehovah Witnesses passed by their house and Gabriel opened the door looked at them and said "Sorry i`m Mormon and I can`t talk with you guys" then shut the door, before their Baptism! It made me laugh so hard because thats exactly what they do to us here.

They really are a special family and it has been so cool to be able to work with them.

I love you all and I hope you all have a great time at school!  Jordan and Joelie juniors, Taryn senior,  Jonathan junior high, and crew already in fifth grade??? its crazy to me..... Well enjoy it all! Love you!

Elder Harrop

Ingaroca Family

Elder Budge that I left with from the SLC airport..yeah, he's a stud!

Elder Harrop and Elder Castro

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