Sunday, August 30, 2015

I want to be Peruvian.....

Well this week we had the baptism of Maria!!! it all went super well and it was so cool to see the determination of her even though she has been through a lot.  I admire so much the attitudes of the Peruvians here.  They don`t care what happens they just keep going forward and what happens happens.  I really am learning so much from them.  I want to be Peruvian..... I love being american but if I could I would be Peruvian.  Thats the truth.  
This is Maria and her two kids Dustin y Ashley.  They are wild ones I tell you but they make me laugh.  the coolest part of all this is that we found her through our recent convert Graciela.  Liz moved to Chile and so Graciela spends a lot of time with Maria and the kids to pass time and help and so we reallly didn`t have to do anything.  Just show up and teach and Graciela did everything else to help her.!! The Lord works in many ways!! 

This week we have the baptism of the Ingarroca family.  They are awesome.  Anival, Carmen, y Gabriel.!! this one is especially special because its a complete family! i`m way excited.  They are already considered members basically because Gabriel goes to scouts plays soccer with the young men always hangs out with them, Carmen goes to more of the activities for the relief society than the majority of the members and Anival is on top of everything.  I`m really excited for this week.  

We are seeing a lot of progress here and its so cool to see! its so much fun to be a part of this great work.  the experiences you have on the mission are some of the most prized possessions.  Yesterday They asked me talk about the missionary work in Sacrament and so what I did was just read experiences that i`ve had here to explain how great the work is and what they can feel.  It made me reflect more about experiences I`ve had and i`m so so so so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary here it is the greatest privilege I`ve had in my life.  And the greatest honor.  I love you all.  have a good week!! 

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