Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miracles Exist

Well what a week it has been!!! It makes me really happy to hear about all the success that you all are having there back at home, Jonathan with his speech, Jordan with summer ball, and everything and of course Crew!! 

This week was a little crazy.  We were going to have the baptism of Liz and Graciela!! I knew this was going to be a rough week.  I knew it.  Every week before a baptism is absolutely crazy.  Satan really tries to disrupt EVERYTHING.  Its seriously like a little chess game.  Well this week everything was going well Liz was doing well they had their interviews and Liz needed another interview with the Mission Presidency this last thursday.  So in the morning we went by to make sure she wouldn't drink everything was good then we went back that night to pick her up for her interview. and she drunk......... I was devastated.......... I was so sad..... In this moment I really learned something.... Early in my mission I had something like this happen as well where the wife of a husband we were going to baptize had the same issue happen she drank before her baptism and to be completely honest I didn`t feel too bad when that happened because I just wanted to baptize and so I was happy that the husband was just going to be baptized.  But this time I learned that this is a real soul.  A real child of our Heavenly Father that now could not be baptized to make this covenant with her Father in Heaven..... I felt terrible.  I learned something very big this week. We still had the baptism of her mother because we didn't want to have that date pushed back and The Baptism of her mother was great spirit filled and everything was awesome but it just wasn't the same as if Liz had been baptized as well.  
Fortunately we talked with her and we are working with her so that she can be baptized this week.  She has an interview with President Thursday and I am going to do whatever it takes to help her get into the font.  
At the baptism of Graciela we had a miracle happen!! We had been trying to work with the cousin of one of recent converts (Luz)  She had already come to church 3 times with her cousin and only came because of her. We tried to teach her but she was never home whenever we set up an appointment she bailed on us ran off and didn't want to talk to us really.  We were gonna let her go because she didn't want to talk to us and so we weren't going to waste all that time if she wasn't willing.  But Saturday we found her in the street we talked with her invited her to the baptism and she came to the baptism!!! I was amazed she actually came. She came before and we talked and everything introduced her to more members then right before the baptismal service she came up to me and said that she just wanted to pray.  So we told her to go into one of the rooms (the one with the baptismal font open) and 10 minutes later came back crying.  And told us "I want to be baptized".  So now she has her baptism for this week.!!!! So it should be a good week with 2 baptisms!!!! 
 Miracles exist.  I am a witness of that.  This is the work of the Lord.  And these are his Children.  
I`m glad to hear that Josh`s wedding went well and that they are happy!!! it sounds like it will be a great eternity!!!! It does not surprise me one bit that jordan and michael trashed her car.  But hey thats what brother in laws are for.  
I love you all and wish you all the best!!! 
Elder Harrop

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