Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Power we have

Luz and Carla are doing great!!! We had a family home evening last week with a couple members and she came to it and after she told me "I want to do this at my house next week can we do it??" I just smiled and said of course!! and so yesterday we talked to her about and she asked me "Elder Harrop can you invite the people I invited a couple but can you invite the others I still don`t know everyone" so I told her to not worry about it and that I would do the rest.  What she doesn't know is that literally there is going to be like 30 people there to surprise her!!!! I can't wait to see the look on her face!! they are awesome.  Now we just have to baptize her cousin that lives in the house too.  She`s a little bit more difficult but don't worry within three weeks she will be in the water I promise you.  
Our baptisms for this week are Lis and Graciela!! They are really great its kind of a difficult situation definitely one that I have to work the hardest with in my whole mission.  But its amazing to see the progress that she has made.  This week is going to be huge with her.  We have a lot to do but I know that it will all turn out well.  She has had a rough trip.  Theres a lot of things that have happened to her over the years since her childhood.  And really it has hurt her really bad...... 

This week with Lis y Graciela I had an experience that really I will never forget for the rest of my life.  I`m not going to put what happened because one it would take like 2 hours to explain and really its one of those things I don`t feel I should put into letters.  But it was by far the craziest experience that I have ever had in my life.  I'm here to tell you guys that the power of the priesthood is real.  We don't understand the power we hold.  We don't understand what things we can do or understand exactly what we are doing when we use this power.  But it is real.  I know it.  We literally acting with the power of God.  I am a first hand witness of that.  

Also with them this week.  We went by Saturday and visited them and talked about the commandments.  Now these two ladies before were hardcore catholics  and so you walk into their house and there were crosses everywhere pictures of saints and they wear these crosses around their necks just like any typical house here in peru really.  You can always tell if the house is Mormon because theres no saints haha.  But this week we went in and talked to them about the commandments.  Needless to say we walked into the house with a Book of Mormon in hand.  And I walked out with 6 crosses (the necklaces with the cross of Christ) a big poster of one of the saints, the incense that they used to burn,  and my companion walked out with a beanie.  ( I don`t know why) but it was so funny.  After I just laughed.  We explained it to them what that all meant and so she asked me "what should I do with them?"  so I held out my hand and said "don't worry about it ill take care of them for you" and she took off her necklaces went in to her room brought back all the rest of them went and took the saints off her wall and everything.  After I just laughed.  I think I'm going to make a collection of the crosses that I take from investigators..... but I'm not sure yet... 

It makes me really happy to hear that your service project went so well!! It sounds like you have seen some pretty great miracles of your own!! hahaha it makes me laugh really hard that you made nan be the sales person because she is the one for the job.  That was a truly inspired decision there!! 

Wow look at jonathan go.  The kid is in sixth grade and already getting the honeys.  Thats pretty impressive.  And i'm sure the perkiness of that girl mixed with his one liners they will be one fun couple.  haha poor taryn.  One day it will all work out for her. hahah that makes me laugh really hard.  Tell her that she should start making state farm insurance jokes and that will get all the guys to flock to her. haha good old Jonathan.  Thats awesome about his speech!! I'm really impressed that will be awesome!! let me know how that goes!! 

Good for jordan.  I`m sure now he will think about this experience and work even harder to get better grades too.  Good for him.  wow he must feel really good that he has to use the fame of his girlfriend to make him a big deal.  He should feel really good about that one.  Tell him that there are some people that make it for their own actions and others who have to ride the success of others. hahhah just kidding.  I'm proud of him.  Good for him I'm glad he has got a good looking girlfriend. haha i'm sure you guys are really proud also.  

Tell Kaitlyn Mcneely good luck for me and that she will love it!! its awesome.  Where is she going?? 

Well Love you guys and wish the best!! tell Josh congrats on the wedding!! this week or next?? keep it up with the fundraiser you guys are awesome love you!! 

Nachoooooooo Libreeeeeeeee

Service Project...needed a change of clothes after!

Chicken foot in my soup!

Llamas and Elder Castro from Bolivia

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