Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trio in Pachacutec

Good old Jonathan! It really was a funny comment I thought he made skyping yesterday... It was clever really.  He always was pretty witty and nothing has changed.  and I'm sure the trumpet will be the greatest thing ever for you guys!!  have fun listening to that practice!!
im glad that he is liking baseball and having that success!! the videos of him running around and hitting i liked a lot! he is just a little fireball always jumping around. haha
Spanish lessons huh?? thats awesome that will be a big help to you im sure to have a little bit under your belt and if crew can keep up with that that will be a huge help for him im sure!! i really am glad that i have the opportunity to learn spanish above anything else. 
hahah just think that all this crazy out of control work you do in Ogden is what is allowing you to do these projects down here in peru. and help all of these kids with their surgeries.  I love the pictures and how they are doing really well it sounds like that they recovering well and in a couple months will be back to normal! I love that that little girl has a dream to be a vet.  and how you guys are helping her to fulfill that dream.  Do whatever you have to do to help her fulfill that dream.  She will never forget you and the Lord will bless you and her and every operation with more than you can imagine.  this fundraiser you guys are going to see some very big miracles I promise. 
The area I like a lot its called Pachacutec.  Its really just dirt hills with wooden houses and great people.  Being in a trio really is kinda weird..... really it was kinda hard at first because we just didn`t know how to work together. Elder Cox is one of my comps he is from Arizona and has less time than I do.  He really has desires i`ve seen to come out way stronger this transfer because before there really wasn`t a whole lot before to be honest.  and he told me that that before there wasn`t a whole lot they did.  But now he wants to change that and he is learning really fast and its fun to work with him. Elder Castro is from bolivia also has less time than I do.  He is kinda a different kid but its fun to get to know him and work with him.  I really am excited to be in this area and im ready to baptize this place like crazy and so if i`m not sending home baptismal pics I want you to burn me and tell me to work harder because I want to be sending home these pics of baptisms every week!!!
love you mom thank you for everyting.  Like I said yesterday you got a lot of great comments yesterday from the branch just from seeing what you have taught to your children.  so thank you.  !!!!

Torres Family

My area at night

Tattoo Sleeve

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