Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Now I know why

Wow that was quite the email!! It makes me really happy to see that really you guys have been so touched by your trip to Peru and enjoyed it so much!! now you get to see just a glimpse of what i see everyday!
Sounds like a lot of drama that has been going on there in Layton..... I´m really kinda bugged by the reporter calling Jordan out like that.  That is terrible.  I can´t even tell you how many mistakes ive made like that in bigger games than that at an older age than jordan.  It just goes to show you the potential that he has that people are already starting to talk about him.  It frustrates me that someone would call him out like that but at the same time i´m really really really excited to see how jordan responds.  I´m calling it right now.  By the end of his senior year that reporter will not be working there but will read an article written about jordan  in the paper and will remember exactly who he is and will feel absolutely terrible and guilty about the comments he made.  The coaching staff there at layton is the best in the state.  Ferneau will go to war for anyone of his kids.  Any one of them.  Coach Steed I guarantee you has called and gone to the offices there and blasted them with very very colorful language and I hope that the person who wrote that article hears all of it so that he remembers exactly who jordan is in a year and a half. 
It also makes me really really really happy about Jonathan. One of my biggest fears was leaving Jonathan but I knew that He would be taken care of and If really I wanted to help him this was the choice, to go into the mission foeld so he would be blessed for my being out here.  Hes one great kid.  I´m so very proud of my family.  Love you all!
This week with our baptism!! we only had the one we have to work longer with the others.  but Marleni!!!!!!! it was a week I tell ya.  We went by Tuesday to see her and we asked her about her baptism and she said "oh I thought you were going to baptize Tristan not me" and I was shocked.  I felt like the worst missionary in the world at that point.  I was so confused.  But really she was just trying to make excuses like every one does before there baptism but by the end of the lesson she was like "yes I want to be baptized" She had her Interview with the zone leader, the next with one of the Mission Counselors Thursday and after the interview said " no I don't want to be baptized." I was so frustrated mad upset confused everything.  And the only thing we could do was invite her to pray!!! so Friday we went by to visit her.  We sat down talked with her and she told us " I prayed and I felt something that I have never felt before.  It took my breath away I couldn't breathe and then it was just peace.  Just peace.  Tristan slept the whole night absolutely peacefully which never happens My day turned completely around.  I was astonished." She then said "I want to be baptized" and she was baptized the next day!!!!
The best part is Tristan.  He is the best.  Everytime he sees me he freaks out laughing and excited then hugs me soooooooooooo tight it literally hurts and then gives me a kiss on the cheek.  he is the most innocent thing on the earth i promise you.  Sacrament meeting Sunday after they passed the sacrament I went and sat in front of Marleni and tristan and in the middle of the meeting he freaked out jumped out his seat and hugged my neck pulling me over the seat Everyone just starting laughing it was the best thing ever.  I know that your profession mom working with these kids and me being able to interact with them in this way and peer tutor really was to prepare to me to meet this little family.  I didn't know why I had these kids stabbing me with pencils before in high school but now I know why.  It was for Marleni and Tristan.
I love you guys!!
your son Elder Harrop

Tristan with a "Elder Harrop" hug

Marleni and Tristan

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