Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1st transfer

Well First off this week for the call home this week It´ll be this sunday! It all depends at what time you can do it!! It´s funny that you say it feels like forever Because I swear I just called like 3 weeks ago. It all goes by so fast,......

Well the news for this week..... Really it makes me sad to say this but I´m getting transferred out of miramar....... I found out today.  I kinda was expecting it because people don´t usually stay longer than 6 months but really I´m so sad.  I sat in Sacrament yesterday.  I sat next to Guido Victoria Marleni and Tristan on one side on the other side of me I sat next to another family of 6 that we are teaching right now next to them to Torres Family all in one isle.  The next isle over Cassandra and Jarumi with my other converts and I just had that feeling that it was my last.... I was so sad.  I started to get teary eyed.  I had everyone after in church asking me if I was leaving telling me that I had to call them as soon as I found out so that they could say goodbye and really I just wanted to cry.  I really don´t want to leave.  I said goodbye to Guido and Victoria  and Victor and Kassandra already and when I told Guido literally went into his closet grabbed shoes and said here I want to give these to you I won´t use them and I know you will to help spread the Gospel.  He is one good man I tell you.  tonight i´m going to go visit everyone to say bye but really I don´t want to... And theres part of me thats like I'm really glad I feel like this because I feel like yeah i've done my job here. These really are the greatest people in the world.  I've been getting calls all day ' are you leaving are you leaving we have been praying all night that you stay''  and it makes me happy to see that really.... thats one my biggest fears is that i go somewhere and that I don't do my job and make a differece in this place.  but I know that if I just do my part that good things will happen.  I really am going to miss this place.  this area really is my mission.  I don't know anything different...its kinda weird. 

These videos are really funny I love them all!! It sounds like you are all having a good time and that baseball seems to be going really well for all. It made me laugh to see Curtis throw out the first pitch hes a funny kid.  And the only difference with the alumni game is that when I get back Im gonna be the one striking jordan out and then jonathan and then crew.  haha theres no way i´m letting one of them beat me!
Its funny how you think in soleis now right?? I see it all different.  I see three soleis and i´m like that could buy me my whole breakfast right there but really its one dollar.  But it just makes you realize and look at things a little differently after.  I´m glad that you guys have seen that because really we don´t realize how much we have I walked into a couple houses this week and was like wow this is a nice house.  then realized after that our house is literally 10 times bigger.  with our tv costing more than their whole rent for the month and it´s just like wow.  when I get back home I´m not gonna know what to do.
Well I hope to hear from you guys soon!! this sunday!! let me know what time you can so that we can coordinate something today!!! love you!!



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