Sunday, April 19, 2015


What a week.  This week was good.  Wasn´t  anything too out of the ordinary and Conference was awesome!  The week went normal and saturday and Sunday were spent basically the whole day just at conference!  Someone brought their projector and their computer and broadcasted it to the whole ward so it was really just a couple days to sit back relax and just learn i loved it! 
 My favorite part of Conference was when Elder Uchtdorf came out and said (something like this I have to translate it) "It is not a burden to live the gospel"  I loved that.  Because a lot of the times maybe we think that we have these rules and things that can´t and shouldn´t do and we may feel restricted a little bit.  We try to hide sometimes and go un noticed.  But we should be proud about what we live and love it!!! we shouldn´t be ashamed or feel restricted about our standards because we have the truth.  We are in the truth.  I also liked the talk of Elder Ballard of Fear.   It´s okay to fear but we can´t let it hold us back but instead push us forward.  We are the only true church in the world! We don´t have to let fear hold us back! we just live what we know! and after share what we know!   And like Elder Eyring said,  did we defend the truth? if so Then well done thy good and faithful servant. 
Conference is spanish is a different experience and I love the two languages because sometimes the translation goes to other words that sometimes spark new ideas or new emphasises on somet parts.  I am grateful for my Calling.  I´m grateful for a Living Prophet that lives here today.  I am grateful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and so very grateful for the opportunity to represent him and my family with the plaque that I wear. 
 I love you and I hope you have a great time in Peru!!! these pictures are awesome and I love seeing you guys having such a great time TOGETHER!!
Love you!

P.S.  forgot to mention the biggest part of Conference.  If nothing else it was very clearly said by about every apostle that after the mission GET  MARRIED.  So Gage...... now in a week Kaitlyn.......Go find your Wife and Husband out there !!!!!!!!!!  Start having kids!!! After getting married of course.  if you guys start living with someone without getting married I will seriously kill you I have seen way too much of that crap here.  but just know that I want to approve all marriage decisions.  even if it is just by photo. 
Hope you all enjoyed the marriage conference this past weekend and are all doing wonderful!!

This is a chicken foot that was in my soup!! they chop it off and stick it in nothing more! have fun eatin this this week!!
This is part of my area when the sun sets on the hills the dirt seriously looks so cool.  The picture doesn´t do  justice. 

This ws a mini tornado I went and stood in the middle of I was really dirty after but it was really cool!!! haha

Happy birthday Dad!!

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