Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

This week was really interesting.  first off it was week 6 and I found out today that I stay here in Miramar!! I will have been here for 6 months!! Im excited because I really love my area and the people here.  
This week was the baptism of Victoria!!! the wife of Guido!! The one who showed up drunk to guidos baptism but she made it!!! she did it!!!! It was a fight the whole week I tell you.  Theres always problems that come up for every baptism but  this week was a little different. Guido and Victoria got into a huge fight this week.  And she is really dramatic and funny so she went off   on all these stories how Guido obviously doesn´t want her to be baptized because he is acting like a child  and he ws going to cut her head off all this stuf it was a mess.  I ended up being the marriage counselor and had them write on a piece of paper 5 things they like about eachother and stand up and read them to one another.   I worked until Guido said he liked how victoria watered the plants and she got mad again because that was an awful reason and I had to come up with a comparison to taking care of plants is a sign of cmpassion to take care of others and thats what he meant by that it was nuts.  But it made me laugh ill be honest.  Guido is the funniest guy youll ever meet.  Then Saturday morning we went by and they got in another fight and she told us that she wasnt going to get baptized and all this so this time I told her yeah im going to call a member to come and help us out.  So I called Hermana Yoco.   Im serious if theres something we can´t do she can do it.  I dont know how but she does it.  shes crazy but she works miracles.  And she came out and was baptized!!!! 
Crzy stressful week but the mircle that i promised in my last letter came through!!! truly if we do our part and expect miracles God never fails us.  We just have to do all that we can do.  Trust and Expect Miracles and they come.  
Was gage there for all of that or has he not had the grand opportunity to work with the great people of Ogden yet??? just bare through it.  Hit it just as hard as it all hits you.  I am sure there are a lot of things that go on but I am sure that through everyone of the experiences there is someting new that you learn.  and if  not its because we aren´t paying attention.  
 I do beleive that many of the problems that are in the world come through these things like self indulgence and other things taht you have mentioned.  I think others is because they just flat don´t know.  They don´t know what to do, what they are doing, or what they have done.  Ive seen things here where it just leaves me thinking.  "what did you think was going to happen?" then I read that scripture in the Book of Mormon that says if we say that the people have brought there own problems upon themselves we have need to repent and I was humbled..... haha but really its like you said the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  if we live it then we have no need to worry at all.  I really like 3 nefi 13 and 14 where its basically the sermont on the mount speach.  because really if we do our part God always does his.  Some people just don´t realize this or lack the faith to just jump 10000% on board.  
 I hope everyone enjoyed the baseball fundraiser!! I heard its been quite the year.  but they will get better!!! It just takes time and experience and they will get there. 
 Love you mom!! Keep me updated on everything!!! 
Your son Elder Harrop 

Victoria, Guido and their daughter


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