Monday, March 23, 2015

March 16 2015

Mi Querido familia y amigos,

This week has been one of the weeks that I will never forget. This week we had the baptism of Ricardo y Jovannah!! They seriously are golden Investigators.  They attended church every week, did not miss one appointment, kept every commitment, showed up early to church meetings (absolute peruvian miracle), and have read everyday since we have given them a Book of Mormon.  It really was a tender mercy from the Lord to have been able to just know them let alone teach them.  It was funny because leading up to this week we haven´t had any problem or trial with them which was really really really weird.  Because there is always something that happens EVERY TIME.  Then sure enough this last monday before their baptism someone robbed everything that was in their house.  Their house is just a concrete wall without a roof and gravel for the floor. So it´s not too hard to get into but it was just so sad to see.  Everything was going so well and then something like that had to happen.  I was a little nervous as to what would happen to be honest.  But they came out stronger and more dedicated to the gospel because of it. After they kneeled down and said a prayer together thanking their Heavenly Father because they were all safe.  And they wereent even baptized at this point.  It made me think about What do we do when we have a trial?  It was one of those moments that ill always remember to be able to sit with them after that and say a prayer and bless the house.  But this wasnt even the best part!
Saturday we had their baptism.  Ricardo asked me if I would baptize him and it was one of the greatest privelages ive ever had.  I have never seen a person so desirous to be baptized to really come out clean from everything in the past.  After he got baptized he came out of the water and couldn´t breathe for about 5 seconds (but it felt like eternity)  he finally let out a gasp of air laid his head back against the glass of the baptismal font. And just smiled.  Then he said "I feel like a big new born baby".  and he just stood their smiling.  He then grabbed my arm and shoulder. And just began thanking me for over two minutes.  And really I can´t even remember what he said to me.  I really can´t remember. What I do remember though is just how strong the spirit was in that moment.  Never in my life had I felt something that strong.  He sat their tears running down his face in the font.  And at the end to be able to tell him that he will have an eternal family. And then walk out of the font with my arm around him. It really is something I wont forget.  Then it got better!! They bore their testimony after.  and wow.  that is all I can say.  everyone was in shock.  Jovannah talked about how they for so long had been looking and searching for the truth but never ever found it until now  Before they lived in Chorillos. and she talked about how really the Lord knows the path of each one of us and puts us where were supposed to be.  Ricardo talked about the temple and how he cant wait to be sealed to his family.  About the plan of Salvation and that really Families are Eternal.  The second counselor to the bishop was sitting next to me and he looked at me after and gave me knucks. hahah It was really something that I will never forget.  Then the next day he came to church with tithing in hand after being confirmed. They are the best.  

Unfortunately theres always bad news in some way or another and this week Victoria didn´t get baptized...... its a long story.  But I feel that this week there is a miracle coming our way with her. So im excited to see what comes!! 

I did not get the packages unfortunately.... but im sure someone is enjoying them just as I would have!!! 
A Crazy week isnt always a bad thing!! How did all the games go?? I heard that layton won a couple of baseball games, and that jonathan ended up losing in the championship for basketball.... but thats alright I heard he really came out like a star!! 
Im sure Nan loves every bit of it.  After a year and a half away im sure she loves every bit of being around you guys and soaking up every little crazy thing that happens!! when do they officially move out?? was there a lot to move into the new house??? 
I was talking with someone the other day about the Colombia Bogata Norte mission and he said they had life way easy. hahahahah it made me laugh he said everything is just really nice.  Dont know whether its true but im sure Gage definately some things that might compare to ogden and definately will experience some other things. I cant wait to hear the stories that he has from Ogden.  Its like a whole other mission over there!! If the kids dont listen to you just yell at them really really fast hit them on the butt really hard and glare at them.  Thats what all the moms here do. haha its funny to see the culture difference in that aspect.  
Lets be honest you bought the car because you wanted a new car you just used the mileage as an excuse.  No just kidding but thats cool!! sounds like a pretty good car to me!! youll have to send me pics of what it looks like! 
This selfie of Jonathan is the greatest thngs ive ever seen.  its so funny.  That kid makes me laugh.  
HOws everything going in the Family? Ward? young womens?? I hope its all going well. let me know if there´s anything I can to do help!

Love you!!!!

Les Amo mucho y oro cada dia por ustedes.  yo sé que esta es la Iglesia verdedera y que realmente estamos en la verdad.  No tenemos que temor, por que nosotros tenemos la Verdad.  

Ricardo y Jovannah!!!

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