Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter!

To me it really is crazy that is has already been about 6 months..... the last General conference we had was the weekend before I left and now here I am 6 months later.  Its really weird to think about, and really sometimes I feel guilty that really I have been here for so long and I feel like I haven`t accomplished that which I should have.... But thats the best part of Life.  Is that its never too late to better yourself.  there is always something to improve upon because here on earth you can`t be perfect.  Thank you for that quote about missionary success.  Success here is so much harder to gauge than in for example sports.  I always could measure it because it depended on me but here they have their agency to accept or not which is the hardest part of it all.  but its alright im learning.  
I really liked how you talked about the atonement in this letter and this talk of Elder Bednar.  I have studied various talks about the atonement and sacrament this week and really one thing I have to come realize and I love about the atonement is that it is the opportunity to become better!! People think that repentance is this painful process that should be frowned upon and feel ashamed to repent.  Repentance is the exact opposite.  Repentance and The Atonement is the chance to become better and to invite Christ to help you become better! We don`t even have to necessarily sin to use the atonement.  If we have a desire to become better the atonement is here for that too!! This week the Sunday School teacher wasn`t able to make it so he asked if I would teach his class literally right before the class was about to start and so me and Elder Romero threw something together and taught exactly that.  That we literally have our agency to become better.  To choose eternal life or not to choose it.  If we accept the atonement to allow it better ourselves.  (The best part is that one of the families that we brought to church after church said "I now know that I have to use my agency to come to church next and every week after" I was very happy to hear that because its a great family that had trouble coming to church but finally got them to do it.) 
All service that we do is connected because it comes from one source.  From God.  All good things come from one source.  It doesnt matter if someone helps a old lady to cross the street that work is connected with the work that we do as missionaries.  this service that you guys are doing for these people will bless them more than you know.  I promise the people here will never ever ever ever forget the things are doing for them and that they will thank you one day in the Celestial Kingdom.  To see all these pictures is amazing.  You have no idea the blessings that are coming your way and miracles you will see in your service that you are providing. I promise.  
Good for Q! hes a good kid and I wish him the best.  How did he do?? Dad told me he was starting for them. 
I can`t wait for that day to just travel and do this work with you guys as well.  There`s a purpose for everything and I have no doubt in my mind that these things are preparing us for bigger and better things.  
Wish jordan and the baseball team good luck and I hope they have the time of their lives because it goes by so fast.  Tell all the coaches hello for me and to not worry they can`t be worse than we were my freshman year.  
My peruvian advice to you guys is to just not look like big tourists.  ALWAYS stick together.  Mom please don`t run off to do something by yourself.  I know you can hold down your own but just stick with dad.  I dont think anyone will try much with dad.  Hes about twice the size of all of them.  Eat in restaurants and you'll be fine.  dont eat off the streets.  The ceviche is the greatest peruvian food you'll eat apparently its all these people talk about. but I wouldn't eat it.  You'll be sick for two weeks.  Its raw fish and so I wouldn't eat it unless you wanna be sick for two weeks.  Clothes wise..... Right now in my area its still really hot.  but if you'll be more towards the mountains it'll be a little bit colder.  so Just be prepared for that maybe... I dont know much about your area .  If you can just take Taxi and not bus its faster and safer.  you'll have to pay a little more but its better.  
As for this week with the work.... it was a weird week.  Rolin who was going to be baptized this last saturday ended up not being baptized..... and so the 3 weeks straight baptizing didn`t happen..... so i was disappointed there..... more because his son is in Brazil on a mission his daughter is a member in another area and she has been telling him that she wants an eternal family and that she has been talking with her brother about that and then this week was the first step but no.... its alright because he will get baptized this transfer.  I`m sure of it.  I promise. 
This week we met a single mother and her son who is down syndrome.  and all I could think about is how much you would love this kid mom.  He is the sweetest kid youll ever meet doesn`t talk just loves.  They came to church this week and really you would love him.  It was sad though because she told us that she had people tell her that she had a son like that with disabilities because she had done something wrong and this was her punishment..... who ever told her that i would love to talk with for a little bit and just chew them out because they really are the purest people to walk this earth.  When she told me that It killed me.  It seriously did.  it hurt.... I think in order to have a kid like that you had to have done something great before this life.  You have to got to be stronger than any other person and really I believe they are.  But we have another appointment with her tonight! so im excited.  No he can`t communicate.  He doesn`t go to school.   Well I love you all be safe and have fun with all the baseball this week!!!! Conference this week so im excited for that!!!!!! ill have a bunch of notes for the next week im sure and I want to hear all of your favorite talks and thoughts as well.  Love you!!
Your son, 
Elder Caleb Harrop 
This was the fog we walked through and came out seriously soaked it was soooooo cool. 

I found the dew! I am sooooo happy!

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