Saturday, October 18, 2014

Set Apart

Caleb was set apart as a missionary on October 7, 2014 by our Stake President, President Darin Stevenson. 

Some of the blessing is listed below: 

·      Have a sure knowledge that this call to serve in Peru is from your Heavenly Father and Savior thru inspiration

·      Seek Heavenly Father and the Savior out diligently

·      Seek the people of Peru out diligently

·      Work and serve every day to teach
·      You will have the physical strength to work hard and serve
·      Realize that the Lord has guided you up until this point to prepare you physically to withstand the trials of the mission
·      Realize the gifts that you have of compassion and love are God given gifts. Turn your heart to Him and he will expand your heart even more.
·      Your love for the people of Peru will be immediate, you will see them as family, as brothers and sisters
·      Strive to bless their lives with the priesthood. You will have opportunities to use the priesthood to serve them
·      Bless you to truly be able to learn the language quickly
·      The opportunity to go to Mexico is a gift and a blessing to learn the language quickly. You are given the gift of tongues. You will be able to look those you teach in the eye and teach them in their native tongue
·      They will see in your face your love of God and the Savior and hear your words in their native language
·      Look for ways to serve. They are humble and you will bless their lives and touch their hearts with your service.
·      You will love and be loved by your mission president and his wife. Listen to them.
·      Be obedient to them. Being obedient will keep you safe and on the Lord’s side so that you don’t cross into darkness. The blessing of obedience is for you.
·      You will be a light to your companion. Your strength, your zeal will make them want to serve harder and better.
·      The Spirit will be there to give you guidance, to tell you where to go, what to say, and how to do it
·      Your prayers will change to include people you don’t even know
·      You will feel your family’s prayers for you. In your mind’s eye you will see them praying for you and supporting you
·      You will be the missionary your mom wants you to be. You will be as a son of Helaman that has been taught and prepared by your mother
·      Turn your will to Heavenly Father to be His instrument
·      Be a light and a blessing
·      Be happy and joyful
·      You have an eternal family. Teach and testify to the people you teach that they can have that too
·      Know that the people who have passed on are with you. They will lift you, carry you, and help you.

After the blessing we went to Texas Roadhouse for the Last American Supper with the compound!

YM President Casey Olsen

Arms length! 


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